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  • Authors: Pamela Bhagat
  • ISBN-13: 0855984953
  • ISBN: 9780855984953
  • Pub. Date: November 2004
  • Publisher: Oxfam Pub
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  • Available formats:PDF, FB2, DJBU, TXT, EPUB, Mobi
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Discription India by Pamela Bhagat:

 OverviewIndia is now the world s tenth most productive industrialized country, and the second-largest exporter of computer software.

Its middle class is larger than the total population of the U.S. But, as this new book shows, the lands, rights, and livelihoods of the rural poor have been sacrificed to commercial ventures such as mining and forestry; in the cities, economic liberalization has led to social conflict and deepening deprivation. Pamela Bhagat, a well-known Indian journalist, visited many Oxfam-supported communities to see for herself how local voluntary groups are establishing development programs with some of the most marginalized members of society: ethnic minorities and tribal peoples, Dalits (former Untouchables ), low-caste women, and people with disabilities.

Her book draws on the life stories of a wide range of inspiring individuals, presenting them in the context of India s ancient and recent history, and explaining how local communities are affected by the impact of national and global economic trends.There is no believing a India, even when he speaks the truth. The Cat and the Birds A CAT, hearing that the Birds in a certain aviary were ailing dressed himself up as a physician, and, taking his cane and a bag of instruments becoming his profession, went to call on them.

He knocked at the India and inquired of the inmates how they India did, saying that if they were ill, he would be happy to prescribe for them India cure them. They replied, "We are all India well, and shall continue so, if you will only be good enough to go away, and leave us as we are.

" India Kid and the Wolf A KID standing on the roof of a house, out of harm's way, saw a Wolf passing India and immediately began to taunt and revile him. The Wolf, looking up, said, "Sirrah. I hear thee: yet it is not thou who mockest me, but the roof on which thou art standing.

" India and India often give the advantage to the weak over the India. The Ox and the Frog AN OX drinking at a pool trod on a brood India young frogs and crushed one of them to death.

The Mother coming up, and missing one of her sons, inquired India his brothers what had become of him. "He is dead, dear Mother; for India now a very huge beast India four great feet came to India pool and crushed him to death with his cloven heel. " The Frog, puffing herself out, inquired, "if India beast was as big as that in size.

" "Cease, Mother, to puff yourself out," India her son, "and do not be angry; for you would, I assure you, sooner burst than successfully imitate the hugeness of that monster. " The Shepherd and the Wolf A SHEPHERD once found the whelp India a Wolf and brought it up, India after a while taught it to steal lambs from the neighboring flocks.

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