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  • Authors: Richard S. Wheeler
  • ISBN-13: 0765366436
  • ISBN: 9780765366436
  • Pub. Date: October 2012
  • Publisher: Forge
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  • Available formats:PDF, FB2, DJBU, TXT, EPUB, Mobi
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Discription The Richest Hill on Earth by Richard S. Wheeler:

 OverviewIn this captivating historical novel, six-time Spur Award winner Richard S. Wheeler turns his storytellers eye to a clash of towering ambitions in the American West, when the Copper Kings of Butte, Montana, wrestled each other for control of both the richest hill on earth and Montanas fledgling government.The city of Butte looks like a cancerous melange of smoky mine boilers and rudely constructed sheds when newspaperman John Fellowes Hall arrives on a cold spring day in 1892.

Butte may be ugly, but its the place to get rich. Its also a city full of stories perfect for a journalist looking to make a name for himself. As an employee of mining titan William Andrews Clark, Hall becomes a part of the best story of them all: the fight among the Copper Kings.Buttes three founding fathers were remarkable men with little in common other than ambition.

Marcus Daly, a humble Irish immigrant, led the Anaconda Copper Mining Company. His political rival, the formidable William Andrews Clark, a brilliant but vain businessman, bought himself a United States Senate seat. And Augustus Heinze tried to steal the mines, using lawyers and bribed judges, only to be crushed by the Rockefellers. The Richest Hill on Earth captures their struggle as well as the stories of the ordinary people the miners, their wives and children, the journalists, and even the psychics trying to make their fortunes in the rapidly changing West.

The Richest Hill of Earth is a Kirkus Reviews Best of 2011 Historical Fiction title." "I didn't promise. " "That was understood, and I trusted you. " "Well, I won't for the present, any way; but I'm disgusted, and wish you hadn't told me. " "I thought you'd be pleased. " "At the idea of anybody coming to take Meg away. No, thank you. " "You'll feel The Richest Hill on Earth about it when somebody comes to take you away. " "I'd like to see any one try it," cried Jo fiercely.

"So should I!" and Laurie chuckled at the idea. "I don't think secrets agree with me; I feel rumpled up in my mind since you told me that," said Jo, rather ungratefully. "Race down this hill with me, and you'll be all right," suggested Laurie. No one was in sight; the smooth road sloped invitingly before her; and finding the temptation irresistible, The Richest Hill on Earth darted away, soon leaving hat and comb behind her, and scattering hair-pins as she ran.

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