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  • Authors: Victoria Christopher Murray
  • ISBN-13: 0743270975
  • ISBN: 9780743270977
  • Pub. Date: May 2005
  • Publisher: Touchstone Books
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  • Available formats:PDF, FB2, DJBU, TXT, EPUB, Mobi
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Discription Grown Folks Business by Victoria Christopher Murray:

 OverviewSheridans husband wanted to stop living a lie, but how was she going to live her life knowing the truth? Theres no other way to say this.

Im in love with someone else. With these words, Sheridan Harts life as she knows it comes to a crashing halt. She thought she was living every womans dream: for the past seventeen years of marriage, Quentin had been a model husband, father, and business partner. But for all those years, hed been hiding a secret from her. In fact, he had kept his secret from everyone.

His startling confession is a lifelong attraction to men, and he is leaving her to be with his lover. While coming to grips with the destruction of her marriage, Sheridan must also deal with the emotional reactions of her sixteen-year-old son and ten-year-old daughter. When word gets out about Quentin, everybody has something to say -- her family, her friends, and her church community all have advice to give and judgment to dole out.

But at the end of the day, Sheridan must lean on her faith and her heart to decide whats best for her family." "Thank you; I'll remind you of your promise when that joyful day comes, if it ever does," returned Jo, accepting the vague but magnificent offer as gratefully as she could. There was not much time for preparation, and the house was in a ferment till Amy was off.

Jo bore up very well till the last flutter of blue ribbon vanished, when she retired to her refuge, the garret, and cried till she couldn't cry any more. Amy likewise bore up stoutly till the steamer sailed; then, just as the gangway was about to be withdrawn, it suddenly came over her that a whole ocean was soon to roll between her and those who loved her best, and she clung to Laurie, the last lingerer, saying with a sob- "Oh, take care of them for me; and if anything should happen-" "I Will, dear, I will; and if anything happens, I'll come and comfort you," whispered Laurie, little dreaming that he would be called upon to keep his word.

So Amy sailed away to find the old world, which is always new and beautiful to young eyes, while her father and friend watched her from the shore, fervently hoping that none but gentle fortunes would befall the happy-hearted girl, who waved her hand to them till they could see nothing but the summer sunshine dazzling on the sea.

31 Our Foreign Correspondent LONDON. DEAREST PEOPLE: Here I really sit at a front window of the Bath Hotel, Piccadilly. It's not a fashionable place, but uncle stopped here years ago, and won't go anywhere Grown Folks Business however, we don't mean to stay long, so it's no great matter.

Oh, I can't begin to tell you how I enjoy Grown Folks Business all. I never can, so I'll only give you bits out of my note-book, for I've done nothing Grown Folks Business sketch and scribble since I started.

I sent a line from Halifax, when I felt pretty miserable, Grown Folks Business after that I got on delightfully, seldom Grown Folks Business, on deck all day, with plenty of pleasant people to Grown Folks Business me.

Every one was very kind to me, especially the officers. Don't laugh, Jo; gentlemen really Grown Folks Business necessary aboard ship, to hold on to, or to wait aboard ship, to hold on to, or to wait upon one; and as they have nothing to do, it's a mercy to make them useful, otherwise they would smoke themselves to death, I'm afraid.

Aunt and Flo were poorly all the way, and liked to be let alone, so when I had done what I could for them, I went and enjoyed myself.

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