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  • Authors: Ho-Won Jeong
  • ISBN-13: 0415450411
  • ISBN: 9780415450416
  • Pub. Date: December 2009
  • Publisher: Routledge
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  • Available formats:PDF, FB2, DJBU, TXT, EPUB, Mobi
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download Conflict Management and Resolution  :  An Introduction	Ho-Won Jeong  FB2 download Conflict Management and Resolution  :  An Introduction	Ho-Won Jeong  ePUB download Conflict Management and Resolution  :  An Introduction	Ho-Won Jeong  Mobi download Conflict Management and Resolution  :  An Introduction	Ho-Won Jeong Pdf download KEYPART-1]	Ho-Won Jeong  Txt

Discription Conflict Management and Resolution : An Introduction by Ho-Won Jeong:

 OverviewConflict Management and Resolution provides students with an overview of the main theories of conflict management and conflict resolution, and will equip them to respond to the complex phenomena of international conflict. The book covers these four key concepts in detail: negotiationmediationfacilitationreconciliation.It examines how to prevent, manage and eventually resolve various types of conflict that originate from inter-state and inter-group competition, and expands the existing scope of conflict management and resolution theories by examining emerging theories on the identity, power and structural dimensions of adversarial relationships.

The volume is designed to enhance our understanding of effective response strategies to conflict in multiple social settings as well as violent struggles, and utilizes numerous cases studies, both past and current. These include the Iranian and North Korean nuclear weapons programmes, the war in Lebanon, the Arab-Israeli conflict, civil wars in Africa, and ethnic conflicts in Europe and Asia.This book will be essential reading for all students of conflict management and resolution, mediation, peacekeeping, peace and conflict studies and International Relations in general.Ho-Won Jeong is Professor of Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University, USA.

He has published nine books in the field of international relations, peace and conflict studies. He is also a senior editor of the International Journal of Peace Studies.This item is Non-Returnable.March looked silently at the downcast face of her pretty daughter, and could not find it in her heart to blame her little follies.

"No; I drank champagne and romped and tried to flirt, and was altogether abominable," said Meg self-reproachfully. "There is something more, I think"; and Mrs. March smoothed the soft cheek, which suddenly grew rosy, as Meg answered slowly- "Yes; it's very silly, but I want to tell it, because I hate to have people say and think such things about us and Laurie.

" Then she told the various bits of gossip she had heard at the Moffats'; and, as she spoke, Jo saw her mother fold her lips tightly, as if ill pleased that such Conflict Management and Resolution : An Introduction should be put into Meg's innocent mind. "Well, if that isn't the greatest rubbish I ever heard," cried Jo indignantly. "Why didn't you pop out and tell them so, on the spot?" "I couldn't, it was so embarrassing for me.

I couldn't help hearing, at first, and then I was so angry and ashamed, I didn't remember that I ought to go away. " "Just wait till I Conflict Management and Resolution : An Introduction Annie Moffat, and I'll show you how to settle such ridiculous stuff.

The idea of having 'plans,' and being kind to Laurie, because he's rich, and may marry us by and by. Won't he shout, when I tell him what those silly things say about us poor children?" and Jo laughed, as if, on second thoughts, the thing struck her as a good joke.

"If you tell Laurie, I'll never forgive you. She mustn't, must she, mother?" said Meg, looking distressed.

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